Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Free art -everywhere!

I am smiling and smiling.

The new
  • A2A Free Art
  • site is up and running - with new artists signing up every day. HUGE thanks go to our web guru, Ben, who donated his services for free, for the love of art.
    It's because of people like him that I first wanted to give art away....

    Smile! It's a painted lady and my entry to the 2nd London Artists themed competition. If you would like to vote for me by bidding please do
  • by clicking here!

  • BUT WHAT IS A2A? I hear you cry… click the
  • A2A Free Art
  • link and find out! It's very very cool and you may just get some free art if you take a peep at the site :D

    We love new artists too - whatever you create, whatever stage you are at, you are welcome to help transform the world into an art collecting colour-filled place!


    Blogger Martha Marshall said...

    Great idea! Our women's critique group in Florida talked about this a while back. One of our sculptors made tiny little fired terra cotta pieces and put them around, just on her own -- nothing organized. I think I will do it!!

    I love your work. Congratulations on your Chicago show and the sale!

    1:03 pm  
    Blogger orion713 said...

    The new site is super spiffy! Everyone should take a peek.

    3:25 am  

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