Thursday, February 09, 2006

Show and tell....

So the Chicago show was and is a hit - hooray!
The Dulwich show is a sloooooow burner - ie no sales but people are curious.
The Burton show is... imminent and a NIGHTMARE! I have lost the knack, lost the plot, lost my muse. These are as far as I have got (and these were a breakthrough, so be kind...)

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket


Blogger katat0nik (JaneKL) said...

You KNOW I love those Sal!! The girl looks like me right now (seriously) Almost happy, almost sad...with a lot going on around her.
I like the little circles on the tips of her eyelashes :)

I got the Horse painting I bought from you in the mail, it's my favorite thing in the world and I can't help feeling that I ripped you off...I should have paid you much much more than I did. One day when I'm rich I'll send you a bunch of extra money$ for it...but hopefully you won't need it by then because you'll be rich too :D

2:16 am  
Blogger Francesca said...

Sal I love those!! The collaged backgrounds add such a great extra dimension. Now if I could only paint....:)

11:45 am  
Blogger Alexa Brett said...


You work is amazing! Such a strong style...I am very impressed. I am glad you left me a comment because it allowed me to discover your work. What exactly is your medium? I am puzzled and yet fascinated. Have a great weekend!

1:47 pm  
Blogger bdelpesco said...

Sal, These are great! Breakthroughs, yes!!! I send good wishes for a shower of inspiration today. Do more of these. They're so STRONG. I love the texture, color, details and close up/cropped composition... Really fine work.
Paint on!

3:59 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

oooooh, these are wonderful!!!! i esp like the black and white one, with the news clippings.... oooooh...... ahhhhhhhhh!!!!

2:57 am  
Blogger Crescendo said...

Beautiful but complex faces !

3:28 pm  
Blogger Sal said...

Thanks everyone - it's lovely to be encouraged. I am enjoying these loads. I'm working on a larger canvas version now, two faces, collaged with love letters, postcards, newspapers and passport stuff. Great fun.

Alexa - i work on both paper and canvas. On canvas I collage the entire surface with random stuff I have found on the street, or kept over the years because it has sentimental or other value (I photocopy the really important stuff and use the photocopies), then treat the surface with semi transparent acrylic media before drawing and painting the portait. The paper work is different... I may blog the process of the next one I think!

9:44 pm  
Blogger Alexa Brett said...

Thanks Sal! I love the outcome and enjoyed hearing how you do it. It would be really cool to see the process step by step...I look forward to it whenever you get around to it.

1:39 am  
Blogger LunaGraphica said...

Wow - I LOVE this image .... painting over a collage ... really adds some depth. Love it!

4:18 pm  

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