Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Something tells me our house doesn't like us. It's one thing after another here... we have now got no hot water and no heating (oh happy first day of spring!) so I need to raise a few thousand pounds for a brand new system as this one isn't worth repairingg. SO.... what's the secret of selling work for it's true worth?

I have been painting and drawing for over 20 years. People say the like my work. I've even made it into a couple of galleries here and there. So why is raising a few thousand such a daunting prospect? I guess it always will be, for most of us.

Still, a few quid here and there helps pay off the credit cards, so if you like anything listed here please do click on the link. And I'll happily take on commissions of all sorts!!!!! Just leave me a message.


Essence of Frida


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