Saturday, April 29, 2006

The first Independent Artists online exhibition

So far as we know this will be the first art event on eBay.

The IA are a disparate bunch with art of all styles and sizes and media - but we are also committed to original work and god customer service. Please take a peek at the show, which starts at 6am BST on Monday 1st May.

You'll see this drawing of mine there.

The auction will be available here from May 1st-8th

Click here to see the rest of the exhibition.

Thanks for supporting original artists!

Thursday, April 27, 2006

More threesomes...

Three's company over on eBay, during this, the last week of my spring sale.

Buy it here!


The Studio33 artists are embarking on a series of collaborations. This piece of mine will be finished by Amy Weber

& I shall be finishing this wonderful watercolour by Amy.

Fran Burras is going to work on this odd chap....

... while I get her gorgeous geisha!

I'll update this with the finished pieces when they are done!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The teeny tiny project

I have drawn a sheet with 70 1"x1" squares... this is how it's going

Crazy tiny triptych

Well not as tiny as those 1"x1"s I've been working on admitedly... this is 1.75"x3" each panel.

At a 99c start price it's a real one off bargain.... take a look!

Monday, April 24, 2006

Teeny tiny

I never thought I'd be able to work tiny, but here is the first in a series of 1 inch squared pieces. It was a bit of a challenge...

Click here to go to the auction for this little fellah!.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Once upon a time artists, like other workers, belonged to guilds. The guilds had different criteria for entry and different types of artists - but every guild provided support for its members and a guarantee of quality to the people who commissioned artworks.

We live in a different age, and the internet provides new ways of forming modern guilds. I have recently been invited to join two.

Studio33 is a small group of juried artists which works together to provide the highest quality of art to the collector. To learn more about Studio33 visit our blog.

This is my first Studio33 piece, From the mosquito net available here.

To see more Studio33 pieces which are for sale please click here.

The Art Collective

The Art Collective is an international group of artists who sell together both online and in galleries. Our work is wide reaching both in style and subject.

In July 2006 we will be exhibiting in Chicago, with a Shakespeare themed show to coincide with the Chicago Skaespeare Theatre Company's 20th anniversary. This is one of my pieces in progress.

Soft, what light from yonder window

The art collective currently has a number of miniatures for sale at an introductory opening price, to look at them all please click here.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Free art -everywhere!

I am smiling and smiling.

The new
  • A2A Free Art
  • site is up and running - with new artists signing up every day. HUGE thanks go to our web guru, Ben, who donated his services for free, for the love of art.
    It's because of people like him that I first wanted to give art away....

    Smile! It's a painted lady and my entry to the 2nd London Artists themed competition. If you would like to vote for me by bidding please do
  • by clicking here!

  • BUT WHAT IS A2A? I hear you cry… click the
  • A2A Free Art
  • link and find out! It's very very cool and you may just get some free art if you take a peep at the site :D

    We love new artists too - whatever you create, whatever stage you are at, you are welcome to help transform the world into an art collecting colour-filled place!